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Contributions to the infer whether in the form of bug fixes, issue reports, new code or documentation improvements are encouraged and welcome. We welcome novices who may have never contributed to a package before as well as friendly veterans looking to help us improve the package for users. We are eager to include and accepting of contributions from everyone that meets our code of conduct guidelines.

Please use the GitHub issues. For any pull request, please link to or open a corresponding issue in GitHub issues. Please ensure that you have notifications turned on and respond to questions, comments or needed changes promptly.


infer uses testthat for testing. Please try to provide 100% test coverage for any submitted code and always check that existing tests continue to pass. If you are a beginner and need help with writing a test, mention this in the issue and we will try to help.

It’s also helpful to run goodpractice::gp() to ensure that lines of code are not over 80 characters and that all lines of code have tests written. Please do so prior to submitting any pull request and fix any suggestions from there. Reach out to us if you need any assistance there too.

Code style

Please use snake case (such as rep_sample_n) for function names. Besides that, in general follow the tidyverse style for R.

Code of Conduct

When contributing to the infer package you must follow the code of conduct defined in CONDUCT.