chisq_stat(x, formula, response = NULL, explanatory = NULL, ...)



A data frame that can be coerced into a tibble.


A formula with the response variable on the left and the explanatory on the right.


The variable name in x that will serve as the response. This is alternative to using the formula argument.


The variable name in x that will serve as the explanatory variable.


Additional arguments for chisq.test().


A shortcut wrapper function to get the observed test statistic for a chisq test. Uses chisq.test(), which applies a continuity correction.


# chi-squared test statistic for test of independence # of college completion status depending and one's # self-identified income class chisq_stat(gss, college ~ finrela)
#> X-squared #> 30.68252
# chi-squared test statistic for a goodness of fit # test on whether self-identified income class # follows a uniform distribution chisq_stat(gss, response = finrela, p = c("far below average" = 1/6, "below average" = 1/6, "average" = 1/6, "above average" = 1/6, "far above average" = 1/6, "DK" = 1/6))
#> X-squared #> 487.984